Essential Home Protection Services is not affiliated with any government entity, mortgage company, lender, servicer, or bank. We are a foreclosure prevention company that works directly with lenders on behalf of the homeowner. We have the expertise to assist homeowners in foreclosure prevention. We help homeowners determine the best course of action. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible outcome.

We provide service to determine homeowner’s eligibility to take advantage of the foreclosure relief program. Lenders/servicers may not agree to change the terms of the current mortgage. A specialist will thoroughly evaluate the homeowner’s current status to determine eligibility and present them with foreclosure prevention option(s).

If you have received any of the following notices from your lender/servicer, it is time to contact us:

  • Notice of Default (NOD)
  • Notice of Intent to Foreclose
  • Notice of Active Foreclosure (foreclosure attorney has been hired)
  • Notice of Sale (NOS) (your home is scheduled to be auctioned off on a set date)

Homeowners must provide a hardship letter with supporting documents to confirm the reason(s) for falling behind on the mortgage payments.