Refund Policy

Essential Home Protection Services is a foreclosure prevention service provider. We are a compassionate group of advocates who go the extra mile to help homeowners and their families save their home.

There is no obligation to hire us. We are a service company who are simply here to help. For those homeowners who have active foreclosure “Sale Dates”, time is very limited. We start the service immediately. We begin our service prior to prospects paying any service fees.

Based on our past experiences, the process normally takes 90-120 days to complete (may take longer for unique cases). Prospective clients do not pay any upfront service fees. An affordable installment agreement will be in place after each step is completed. Clients can see progress as they pay.

There is no refund for services already rendered/completed.

In the event the foreclosure prevention process is completed prior to the installment agreement, the client must continue to honor the installment agreement or pay the remaining balance in full.

Clients can cancel at any time prior to the completion of the program. No future installment will be collected. No refund will be issued on services already rendered. Upon cancelling, Essential Home Protection Services will cease assistance and notify the lender of the cancellation.

Privacy Policy

Essential Home Protection Services protects homeowners and their families from foreclosure. This includes protecting the privacy of our enrolled clients and prospective clients.

Information Collection and Use

Essential Home Protection Services handles all information collected with strict confidentiality. We do NOT share, sell, or provide your personal information with any other entity.

If you choose to use our service you agree to the collection and use of information in relation with this policy. The personal information we collect is used strictly to provide services.

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