Essential Home Protection Services is comprised of a compassionate team of foreclosure relief specialists with more than 35 years of shared experience in keeping people in their homes and protecting the American dream. As homeowner advocates, our initial tasks are to inform, enlighten, and assist distressed homeowners with the primary goal of saving their homes from foreclosure.

As homeowner advocates our highly experienced and well-trained personnel provide actual solutions and assistance to distressed homeowners. We understand everyone has a unique situation and financial hardships are often inevitable. Therefore, our goal is to put together a systemized strategy tailored to each specific set of circumstances with a clear and comprehensive approach that allows homeowners to make the best choices when pursuing options for foreclosure prevention. We are here to help.

Essential Home Protection Services specializes in foreclosure prevention. Our main purpose is to protect homeowners, their families, and their communities. We are one of the best in the nation with foreclosure defense. We treat your home like our home.

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